A meeting of INTERREG project investigators

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A meeting of INTERREG project investigators is being prepared on 2 September. Questions of the Researcher's Work Plan for the following period will be discussed. SAZE Group, in cooperation with WSB Dabrowa Gornicza and TRIANON Český Těšín, received public funding for the cross-border project "Practical Program of Educational Personnel Developing a Low Carbon Economy in the Border Region" for the period 2016-2019 subsidized more than 200tis.Eur. The project includes lectures, workshops, summer schools and other educational activities aimed at supporting the low carbon economy and promoting the young generation's awareness of our region and border areas as a "good place to live". The project's information is being prepared at


Themes Bachelor and Master theses common with KIT Iceland

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On the basis of agreements and cooperation with KIT Iceland was listed common themes Bachelor and Master theses for students of the Department of Cybernetics and BMI. Watch publication on topics Students working on common themes will be reciprocally allowed to stay and work on the topic of workplace KIT Iceland.


Press Release Workshop with KIT

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Future use of renewable and alternative energy sources In the context of intensifying cooperation between the VSB - TUO and Iceland Keilir Institute of Technology in the field of research into renewable and alternative energy sources and alternative technologies in the transport sector took place last year, two interesting scientific workshops. On 22 - 26. 8. 2016 visited Keilir Institute of Technology researchers from the Technical University of Ostrava in order to exchange information and establish deeper cooperation in the field of renewable and alternative energy sources, energy storage, CO2 capture, cybernetics, mechatronics and alternative transportation. The workshop is not only found space on a series of interesting lectures, visiting laboratories and research sites, but also to discuss the potential joint project plans for the future. A reciprocal visit by researchers at KIT, which took place on March 23 - 25. 11. 2016 are aimed mainly build on the joint activities of partners from the previous workshops and develop new topics. The implementation of activities has been to restore relations between the two institutions, strengthening mutual cooperation in the preparation of joint international projects and to share and exchange experiences in the preparation and implementation of educational and research projects. It is currently being prepared student exchanges within the administration IAESTE for the following year under ERASMUS. Activities linked to the level in Ostrava, within the competence of the main energy center. Cooperation will continue through jointly planned projects focusing on oasis techhnologie hydrogen, CO2 capture and Industry 4.0. Initiative called Future use of renewable and alternative sources of energy has been supported by the Fund for bilateral cooperation at the national level within the EEA and Norwegian Funds 2009-2014.


Workshop with KIT Iceland

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RD group SAES works intermittently with universities in Iceland since 2008. At present, have been based on staying at KIT Identifying main areas of interest in the directions of Industry 4.0, rapid prototyping, mechatronics, robotics, robotic prosthetics, renewable and alternative sources of energy, permaculture, safety and environmental protection and to interchangeable, teaching, study and research fellowships for students and teachers, preparation and participation in joint RD, Pilot and technological projects. The workshop is being prepared in time 23-24.11. Watch leaflets on bulletin boards faculty.


The invitation to participate in a workshop with KIT Iceland

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I invite you to a working meeting with our colleagues from the Institute of Technology Keilir Iceland. Meeting will be held on 24 and 25 November. The invitation is presented as a flyer.


INTERREG project

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INTERREG project

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The project to establish cooperation with KIT Iceland approved - a challenge for students to participate

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Thanks to its focus on renewable and alternative energy sources in the long term we are trying to cooperate with academics in Iceland. A subsidy from public funds to support our activities. We encourage students to compete for one place participant excursion at KIT in August 2016. For more information see flyer on the bulletin board of the faculty.


English version of web pages

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Today we add english version of our web presentation. More info day by day :)